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Truly Great Coffee

We are a locally owned and family oriented business right here in Lacombe, Louisiana. We understand the value of people and in supporting our community. Because of this, it shows in our coffee. We only work with small batch roasters which enable us to create an organic & fresher tasting coffee. Truly great coffee comes from the people who make it and why they do it.

The difference is something you can taste. Our coffee roasts never sits in a warehouse where it can quickly develop an undesired flavor. Our coffee roasts are only by order providing us with a more fresh and healthier taste. The Espresso and Cold brew coffees are completely organic and gluten free. We order all of our Espresso & Cold Brew coffee roasts from the Louisiana Roasting Company.
Most companies outsource their Gelato, but not us. Our Gelato is made in house from scratch. We are proud to say that the taste of our Gelato is how it should be. We serve it at a warmer temperature than ice cream delivering a heightened flavor experience. It's home made, completely organic, and lastly gluten free. We see Gelato as not just a different form of ice cream but as a form of art.
You'll love all of our delicious choices of home made gluten free pastries. From Fudge brownies to banana strawberry muffins. Our all original recipes will ensure a fresh and unique taste only available at White House Coffee and Creamery
About Us

The Difference

Home made, Family Oriented, & Freshly Roasted.

It's not just about coffee. Its about people. We started The White House Coffee and Creamery as a way to give back, and to provide the community of Lacombe, Louisiana with something family oriented & unique. We quickly realized that our services were special, and that we can connect with the community through our coffee in a way most business don't. 

We realize that people won't care until they know how much we care. This statement %100 shows in all that we do. Our coffees taste is fresher being that the coffee roasts never sits in a warehouse where it can quickly develop an undesired flavor. Our coffee roasts are only by order providing us with a organic, fresher, and healthier taste.

Our Gelato is also authentically made in house from scratch. The Gelato is served at a lower temperature than ice cream giving it a more intense flavor. It's also churned slower giving it a Smooth texture than your typical ice cream. Our gelato is Celiac Friendly and always gluten free. In warmer months, we offer many options in flavors and can be added to our Shaved Ice. 

Everything we make here is Celiac Safe and gluten free. As well as our delicious home made pastries. We even have Vegan options and House Favorites such as our Cinnabloom, which are hand made start to finish and carefully crafted in shape of a flower dipped in vanilla icing! 


We keep the atmosphere invitingplayful with a modern coffee shop feel. Come stop by! We'd love to have you! 


Come try us out!

61700 LA-434 Ste A, Lacombe, LA 70445, USA

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