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To Christmas or Not to Christmas is the Question

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Its that time of year. Holiday lights hung on the houses, glisten in the streets, there is a chill in the air, people are hustling and bustling between shops and restaurants with friends and family. Some would say this is their favorite time of year. Why is Christmas so magical? According to the blog by real buzz, 5 Ways to Recapture the Magic of Christmas, they state "that everything is new and exciting". That makes a lot of since, right? Mostly everyone will receive new gifts, some may even create new traditions between Christmas eve and Christmas day. With all the excitement, why are there a lot of people who don't like Christmas?

There are religious organizations that don't celebrate such holidays as these, but what we are talking about is why are there people that during the holiday season are down and struggle with depression? According to the article "6 causes of Christmas stress and depression", By Alex Chris here are a few reasons some may find dread from this joyful holiday. 1. Absence of a beloved person. Losing a loved one can be hard during the year. Memories of past holidays and even past regrets will hinder the excitement for such as these. Other reasons mentioned are financial setbacks, and family disturbances. One other reason I found really interesting was that of a condition known as Seasonal Emotional Disturbance, according to the article. (Alex Chris). Most of this condition contributes to the seasonal change of less day light and more indoor activities.

To Christmas or not to Christmas. I have never met someone who was struggling with the Christmas blues say that they want to be in that state of mind. I believe all want to experience the joy of Christmas. As most adults get older, a few long for the same feeling they felt as a child, eagerly waiting to fall asleep Christmas eve with visions of their first present to open! If you struggle with the seasonal dread, here are some helpful tips to bring the joy back to your Christmas so that you can Christmas with excitement.

1. Participate in Christmas festivities. If you want to fully experience the Christmas magic, it’s important to make yourself participate in the festivities and get involved with as much as you can. Try to attend a carol service and visit as many Christmas markets as you can.

2. Try something different. As children, part of the reason why Christmas is so magical is because everything is new and exciting. They get swept up in the mystery of Christmas – the sights, the sounds, the smells and the atmosphere. Recapture that sense of wonder this year by visiting somewhere you have never been or do something you have never done. Depending on your budget you could visit a Christmas market in a location you have never visited before, try a festive activity such as ice skating or carol singing, or simply bake something new. Trying something new and exciting this Christmas will guarantee it is one to remember.

3. Do something selfless

As we get older and become more aware of the financial side of Christmas, it is easy to get consumed by the commercial side of the season, which can take away some of the joy and magic. This year, take some time out from the stress of the season and spread some love and joy instead! Volunteer, such as helping out a homeless shelter, help with charity Christmas collections or get involved with a sponsored Santa Run. Not only will this make you to feel all warm and fuzzy inside this festive season, but you can also help somebody else to recapture the magic of Christmas.

4. -Don’t give up on tradition

When we’re young, Christmas is all about traditions, such as writing letters to Santa Claus, baking Christmas treats and making decorations for the tree. However, as we get older, and perhaps spend Christmas away from our families, traditions can start to fade. To recapture the magic of Christmas, try to hold on to some of the childhood traditions you used to love. Try writing a letter to Santa, leaving out a mince pie and carrot on Christmas Eve, or just spending some time with your family watching Christmas movies.

Use these tips to help you bring back the Christmas excitement, and this year choose to have a Very Merry Christmas.

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